• The District Alternative Education Placement Program (DAEP) is located in the old Anderson building. This building has a rich history in the Big Spring community. The school was built in 1951 and is located on the west side of town at 229 Airbase Road. It was originally called Airport Elementary and served elementary students in the district. Additions were added to the original building in 1951 and 1955. It was closed in 1977 when Webb AFB closed and the district faced declining enrollments. In 1986, when state laws made kindergarten attendance mandatory, the building we reopened to house all of the district's kindergarten students. At this time, it was renamed for SM Anderson who served at the superintendent of Big Spring schools from 1960-1974. Most recently in December of 2017, it was reopened to serve as the district District Alternative Educational Placement (DAEP) campus and as an alternative (school of choice). The campus currently only operates as a DAEP serving student in the Big Spring ISD, Forsan ISD, Coahoma ISD and Stanton ISD.


    "Making a difference in our community. Challenging and empowering lifelong learners. "