• Career & Technical Education

Our Mission Statement

  • Our goal is to develop BSHS students into contributing members of society by providing them with skills that are necessary for future employment as well as in their everyday life.  Each Career & Technical Education (CTE) instructor strives to teach each student skills that will prepare them for college or a career upon graduation. It is crucial that students have the opportunity to participate in CTE programs, as it supports concepts taught in math, English, science, and history classes.  These programs show practical application of these concepts to the students for use in their everyday life.

How can your student become involved in a CTE program of study/class?

  • This is a very easy process.  Each student can visit with their grade level counselor at the end of each spring semester to create their schedule for the next school year.  At this time the student will be able to select which CTE courses they would like to take. CTE does not discriminate for any reason and all students have the option to select CTE courses that interest them.

CTE Courses Offered at BSHS

  • Agriculture

  • Architecture & Construction

  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communication

  • Automotive

  • Business Management

  • Communication

  • Education & Training

  • Finance

  • Health Science

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Human Services

  • Law & Public Safety

  • Manufacturing

  • STEM

CTE Classes Offered at the JH

  • Career Exploration/Investigation

  • Robotics

  • Tech Applications

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Interest Inventory

  • Your Free Career Test

    Need a little help knowing which CTE classes fit you best?

    This free career test for adults and students will help you discover your career interests and your ideal career work environment. Whether you are an adult, middle, high school, or college student, the free career tests are useful and provide interest scores for each career category. All of the tests on YourFreeCareerTest are free and no personal information is required as they are also student-friendly.

    Then you can use what you have learned about yourself to help you choose the BEST CTE classes that fit you!!

CTE Programs of Study/Pathways to Follow


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