Employee Identification Badges

  • Big Spring ISD requires that all employees have a District issued School ID visible on them at all times while they are on campus. These ID Badges are issued from the Safety & Security Department at the time of hiring. Employee ID Badges will have a picture of the staff member, the campus they work at, and their role within the District.

  • ID Badges may be obtained from the Safety & Security Department at the following times, or by appointment:

    Monday to Thursday 8 am to 9 pm

    Monday to Thursday 3 pm to 4:30 pm (4 pm during June and July)


    To make an Appointment to get an ID Badge, or to update or replace your current ID Badge, click here.



    For new hires, you will need to bring the Access Control & ID Badge Information Worksheet that you received from Human Resources when you completed the hiring process.

  • If you have lost your badge/access card or it was stolen, immediately email your first and last name to the Safety and Security Manager (email) and let them know what has happened so that the card can be deactivated.