Technology and Online Safety

  • In today’s world, technology controls every facet of our lives, especially how we communicate.  For example, research shows that people generate, send, and read over 15 million texts per minute. However, as much as this modern technology has made our lives easier, it comes with some very real dangers. Even in Big Spring, our students are encountering more and more situations that could potentially be damaging to themselves and to others.  

    As adults, we must do everything in our power to teach/educate about smart and responsible use of this technology. Below are two helpful links. The first link is a booklet and the second is a YouTube video. Big Spring ISD is committed to helping both students and parents navigate the ever-changing world of technology. We must come together as a community to ensure that our children will be highly educated in the various ways to utilize technology in a safe and productive manner. 

  • Raising Digitally Responsible Youth: A Parent's Guide

  • Cyber Safety and Digital Responsibility: A Parent's Guide

  • Know2Protect

  • Internet Slang