BSISD Safety & Security Committee

  • Purpose
    The Big Spring Independent School District Safety and Security Committee participates on behalf of the district in developing and implementing emergency plans consistent with the district multi-hazard EOP required by Chapter 37.108(a) and to ensure that the plans reflect specific campus, facility, or support service needs.


    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Assist in the development and implementation of emergency operations plans consistent with the requirements of TEC 37.108 (a).
    • Provide the district with campus, facility, or support services information required as part of the safety and security audits or other report required to be submitted to the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC).
    • Periodically provide recommendations to the district's board of trustees and district administrators regarding updating the district multi-hazard emergency operations plan in accordance with best practices identified by the agency, the Texas School Safety Center, or a person included in the registry.
    • Consult with local law enforcement agencies on methods to increase law enforcement presence near district campuses.
    • Communicate the importance of safety and security and promote those efforts throughout the school and district.

Committee Members

Name Title
Aleman, Marta BSISD Nurse
Arnoldy, Kristen Parent
Baeza, Sonny Parent
Barfield, Holly AP-Goliad
Botts, Carolynn AP-Washington
Bridgeman, Carey AP-Junior High
DeLaCruz, Casandra AP-BSI
Enriquez, Jessica AP-Marcy
Everett, Brooke BSISD Classroom Teacher
Gordon, Brian Big Spring Police Department
Harris, Julie BSISD School Board Member
Hendrickson, Dan Big Spring Fire Marshall
Hyatt, Samantha Principal-Kentwood
McWilliams, Jay Superintendent
Roberson, Barbra AP-Moss
Scott, David BSISD Safety & Security Manager
Scott, Jamie Director of Technology
Serrano, Fabian BSISD School Board President
Sheedy, Mark Local Businessman
Sheppard, Tyler West Texas Centers
Slover, Gina Director of Special Education
Smith, Rick BSISD Threat Assessment Coordinator
Sparks, John Director of Auxilary Services
Tannehill, Tim AP-High School
Thomas, Marc Howard County Sheriff's Office
Wagner, Heidi Principal-Anderson
Watlington, Patricia West Texas Centers
Wommack, Jim Director of Safety and Security

Meeting Agendas

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