Guardian Program

  • In the fall of 2017, discussions began to occur regarding campus carry by Big Spring ISD employees. As the discussions continued, a set of guidelines and talking points were formulated by district leadership. In the spring of 2018, two town hall meetings were held to discuss the program and answer questions from members of the community. Feedback from the community was positive and district leadership took the steps to implement the Guardian Program. On May 10, 2018, the Big Spring Independent School District Board of Directors discussed and approved an update to Policy CKC(LOCAL) and DH(LOCAL) involving Campus Carry. At that time, the Guardian Program was born. 

    Local law enforcement has played an integral part in the program. The Big Spring Police Department and the Howard County Sheriff’s Office work with Big Spring ISD and the Guardian Program. Local law enforcement train and regularly provide input into the status of the program. BSISD is fortunate to have two local agencies join forces to ensure that the safety and security of the staff and students is a major priority.


    Guardian Sign in front of School