Facility Rental Information

  • The Board of Trustees and the administrators of Big Spring ISD are charged with the responsibility of supervising and maintaining the facilities of the District. Procedures have been developed to help safeguard all district facilities and to ensure that the District’s financial activities are maintained with high standards.

    We welcome public use of the District’s facilities for educational, recreational, civic, or social activities when these activities do not conflict with school use or with local or state laws or regulations and District Procedures. Requests for non-school use of the District’s facilities shall be considered on a first-come-first-served basis. Academic and extracurricular activities sponsored by the District shall always have priority. The Superintendent or his designee shall have the authority to cancel a scheduled non-school use if an unexpected conflict arises with a District activity or emergency.

Community Use of School Facilities

  • The Board recognizes two schedules of rental fees: 

    Commercial:  defined as the use of public school facilities for profit or gain to the individual or organization renting the facilities.  In general, when an admission charge is made, it shall be considered commercial and these rates will apply.

    Noncommercial:  defined as use of public school facilities if the proceeds derived from the usage are totally realized by a charitable cause sanctioned and supported by the community in general.

    Requisitions may be granted for the use of school facilities to other than local schools for their specific participation using the calculated noncommercial costs as listed below.  The charges for use of school facilities classified as commercial shall be twice the amount as listed for noncommercial use.  Fees or deposits will be paid prior to facility usage.

    Non-school organizations, individuals or employees not having facilities of their own and have district students comprising their membership, such as scouting organizations, club/travel teams of any type, dance groups, choirs, bands, etc., may rent the district’s facilities at one-half the commercial rate for three hours.  Facilities will not be made available to rent on Sundays.


Big Spring ISD Facility Rental Documents

Facilities Reservations

  • Facilities Reservation Calendars

    This link opens the current Facilities Reservations Calendar List page. Clicking on a location will provide you with a calendar of reserved times for the location. Please be aware that some locations listed are no longer for reservation! Reservations will not be added to the calendar until they have been approved.

    Facilities Reservation Request

    This link opens the current Facilities Reservation Request page for available Big Spring ISD locations. Please be aware that some of the locations listed are no longer available for reservation! Contact information is required. Submitting a request does not constitute a reservation; a facility is not considered reserved until you receive a confirmation email. Please see Reservation Instructions for more information.