• emergent bilingual family empowerment program

  • emergent bilingual family empowerment vision and goalBig Spring ISD is participating in the pilot of a new program in conjunction with the Texas Education Agency (TEA), Region 18 Educational Service Center (ESC), and four other ESCs and their associated pilot districts, called Emergent Bilingual Family Empowerment.  The focus of the program is to support the families of emergent bilinguals, and proposes to increase emergent bilingual parent and family satisfaction and awareness related to their child's educational experiences.

    One tool Big Spring ISD is using to promote this student success and achievement is the use of asset mapping of the resources for emergent bilingual (and all other) families in Big Spring, Howard County, and the surrounding area. Asset mapping, or as our map is called, Public Resources, involves identifying the various types of resources in the area; physical spaces, health, food,   people, etc...,  that may be important for the overall success of emergent bilingual students. These resources are continually evolving and growing as we continue to monitor and assess the needs of our emergent bilingual families and community.