• Safety & Security at BSISD

  • The safety, security, and happiness of our students and staff is our number one priority.  

    Big Spring ISD is dedicated to the safety of all our personnel, including students and adults.  School safety is a process of education being able to continue without disruption, without harm, without danger. It is basically the best way to get the most out of the learning process. It is the foundation for an effective learning environment, and necessary for learning to occur. The best way to have an excellent school is to have a safe school. School safety is so that children can learn, parents do not worry about their children at school, and educators can apply their gift of helping our students. Schools have legal and moral requirements to protect children, and if we operate on the moral high ground, we work to provide a reasonable level of safety through a proactive approach. We must remember that we are nurturing and protecting our community's most valuable, precious natural resource, our children.

    Teachers have a crucial role in school safety. They must exercise the proper supervision of students and have close connectivity to them.  Developing a proper, professional, and personal connection to their students, and to be aware of students under stress, and any problems that may occur will enhance the ability of a teacher to reach and educate a child.

    School administrators provide leadership and set the tone for school safety. A strongly committed school administrator will provide focus and leadership by defining for themselves and for their staff the concept of school safety. Learning does not occur in a disruptive environment or an environment where children feel fear, or educators feel fear, or parents feel fear.

    Parents also have a role in school safety and can drive safety efforts in either a positive or negative way. Parents should be aware of all the safety rules for the benefit of all those on the school campus and become involved, become informed, become vocal, and be supportive.

    Our schools are staffed with nurses, who help with the physical needs of children on a day-to-day basis. They are an instrumental part to make sure a school is optimizing their public health preventive measures, as well as mental health.

    Big Spring ISD is also aware of the possibility of a school crisis, which is an event out of the ordinary that negatively impacts a school. It can be a fire, it can be a fight; it can be a tornado or some other type of disaster. Basically, it is anything that interferes significantly with the process of learning and of course anything that endangers safety or the potential damage to property.

    We have a School Emergency Safety Plan (this is a State required document), which is defined by the United States Department of Education as a four-phase plan, addressing four distinct concerns:

    1. A Prevention and Mitigation Plan for keeping things from happening and minimizing the negative impact of those that occur;
    2. A Preparedness plan to make sure that we're ready for a crisis in advance;
    3. A Response plan which allows us to implement the preparedness plan under extreme stress; and
    4. A Recovery plan which addresses mental health recovery and business continuity.

  • Questions or concerns about the Safety and Security of Big Spring ISD can be emailed to: safety@bsisd.esc18.net