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Live Binders:
BSISD Special Ed Procedures Manual for Special Ed Staff (Updated)
BSISD Special Ed Procedures for Administrators and Teachers (Updated)
Access Key: STEERS

Program Coordinator
Terry Kubena, VI teacher, Homebound teacher, In home and parent trainer, behavior specialist, work with gen ed and sp ed teachers on Programing for students receiving sp ed services.

Assistant Director of Federal/Special Programs
Tyler Sheppard support assessment staff, coordinates assessments, compliance reviews, check in initial referrals and request for further testing

Rachel Bahl SLPA Marcy, Washington, Goliad
Rachel Clow SLP All Campuses
Melissa Contreras Diagnostician Marcy, Goliad, Washington
Elizabeth Forshee Diagnostician BSI
Michelle Grigg Supplemental Program Coordinator/Ard Facilitator All Campuses
9th Grade BSHS
Terry Kubena Program Coordinator All Campuses
Maleah Lloyd SLPA Moss, Kentwood
Sara Contreras Diagnostician All Campuses - ED
Tara Mallett Diagnostician Moss, PPCD
Shanna Niewoehner LSSP All Campuses
Kari Reese Diagnostician BSJHS, BSHS - 12th Grade
Jan Shaw SP. ED. Counselor All Campuses
Tyler Sheppard Assistant Federal/Special Programs Director All Campuses
Jennifer Thomas AU Teacher/Behavior Specialist All Campuses
Ashley Van Pelt Ard Facilitator BSHS 10th, 11th Grade


708 E. 11th Place
Big Spring, TX 79720
Fax: 432-264-3613

Carol Walston

Beate Johnson
Administrative Assistant

Special Ed and Federal Programs Manuals have been updated